Patient Success Stories

Our patients are our biggest fans and we enjoy celebrating their successes after an injury. Read about some of our patient’s success stories below!

Skateboard Accident

In April 2017 an 11-year-old avid cross country runner fell while in a skateboard park. He sustained a comminuted femoral shaft fracture with breaks in multiple places. Dr. Curatolo and Dr. Stankovits were called in and emergency surgery was performed. The fracture was reduced and stabilized with an intramedullary nail inserted into the entire length of the femur. This was accomplished through a minimally invasive approach using multiple small incisions and x-ray fluoroscopy in the operating room. Following surgery, an aggressive rehabilitation program was instituted with an immediate range of motion exercises. He progressed through physical therapy and not only regained all of his motion and strength, but he can once again can run a 5min 27sec mile. He was undefeated in cross country in 2018, was voted the 2018 cross country MVP, and finished 6th in the county.
As an update, he just increased his mile time in 2019 to 5:07